In Studio or On Location

We are one of the only studios in Cleveland that can bring a full 24 track mobile recording to you! Perfect for live bands or large ensembles!

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Music Production

Whether you are looking for a full arrangement for your original song, a fully original song, or even a collaborative composition for your project - we have the skill and the tools to realize your vision.

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Post Production

Finalizing your audio is the last important step before manufacturing and distribution. Balancing, maximizing, equalizing, level matching, and CD authoring, adding musical overlays or voice-overs, audio restoration, noise reduction - - we do it all!

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Professional Audio For Everyone

We record and produce professional audio.  Period. Radio ready, broadcast level balanced, pristine, 3D audio.

Music, podcasts, radio and TV advertising, commercial video, wherever your project needs phenomenal audio, Coming Home Studio is ready to bring our expertise and ensure the audio quality is second to none.

We start with experience.  30 years of professional audio engineering and production experience.

We add outstanding tools - world class microphones from Neumann, Schoeps, Bock Audio, AKG, AEA, Audio Technica, and Shure.  World class microphone pre-amplifiers from John Hardy, True Systems, and Apogee.  World class analog to digital converters from Apogee.  Add in analog summing and mastering from Dangerous Music and API and you complete one of the finest and purest audio signal paths available.


Let's Get Started...

Contact us today and let us know all about your music project and let us tell you how we can help you realize your full musical vision!